First Reform Yourself      


Abandoning all thoughts of reforming and redeeming the world, reform and redeem yourself in the first instance. If you get reformed yourself, then know that an important member of society has been reformed. If this is notachieved, if higher thoughts and noble impulses are not garnered within your heart, if you are not able to make your actions free from the taint of opposing impulses like attraction and repulsion, and take upon yourself the task of reforming the world, then know it for certain that the world is not going to be reformed through your efforts. Never imagine that since you are a servant of the people devotedly engaged in […]

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Behold The Sun Descends


Thunderous applause are offered these days in one who exhibits miracle or gives a profound show of fluid expressions. Masses in general are lost in the ticklish words and with the apparent so called wondrous performances. They start following blindly but before they could realize, the game is over. They feel that they have been defrauded and their feeling have been injured. They thus loose their faith in DHARMA KARMA, What is all this? What is the remedy to avoid such a disgusting and mental humiliation? – are the questions prevailing upon the minds of the intelligentsia & others. So many theories propounded clamored for mental ease, but those got […]

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Yoga & Religion


Yoga is not a religion by itself. It is a knowledge of the soul. Literally Yoga means Union. That is the Union of soul with the Almighty devoid of all the mental viberations concentrating the outer world. Maharishi Patanjali defines Yoga a mean to control the mental viberations.” This control having been attained, concentrates the mind. Concentration leads to Nirvichar and Savichar, Niwartak and Swartak Samadhi. Nirbij and Sampargint Samadhi becomes a smoother process thereby. Samadhi results in divine wisdom as Patanjali further confirms-                 श्तत्र ऋतुम्भरा चरू प्रज्ञाश् With the help of this divine wisdom, the soul is purified. This helps one […]

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Deviation from reality as a matter of fact is the source of trouble, discontentment, mental tension, agony and dismay, that we experience all around. The intensity has increased to such an extent that pinch is being felt at the international level too. At the international stage it is being viewed that scientific inventions of the day are found wanting and something more is needed for the real bliss. Since the more the scientific inventions are being developed for the welfare of the man, the more the man is getting entangled into a baffled state of bewilderness and rather is heading towards the opposite direction to his needs and requirements, i.e. […]

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Be A True Devotee


Remember : attachment to or the craving for the pleasures of sense cannot be, eradicated by change of abode, dress or name or simply by outwardly changing one’s mode of life. For this consummation, weaning of the mind from the objects of senses and freedom from craving is essential. A man who inwardly nurtures such craving for the pleasures of sense, though outwardly putting up a show of renunciation, not only deceives the world but badly deceives his own self too. Remember : hankering after enjoyment undercover of renunciation is very dangerous. A man openly given to the pursuit of sensuous enjoyment is known to be such by all. He […]

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